Saba Yuzu Ochazuke, Bringing Kochi Prefecture to You

Before the pandemic strikes, most of us would love to travel anywhere for good food. Yet with travel restrictions in the pandemic, that is obviously not possible.Thankfully, Sakae Sushi offers a solution; with the latest addition in their menu, they are bringing Japan one step closer to you.

For your better understanding, Kochi Prefecture is a southern prefecture of Japan located on the island of Shikoku, located on Japan’s pacific coast. Known for being a picturesque rural area known for its mountains, rivers and Pacific beaches.

Kochi Prefecture is also known for being the birthplace of revolutionary samurai Sakamoto Ryōma, who was widely known as one of the main instigators of the Meiji Restoration. In addition to that, the capital of Kochi Prefecture, aptly named Kochi, also has some of the best preserved feudal castles in the area.

No doubt, Kochi prefecture is rich in its history and culture, and one of the most important aspects of it includes the food, which brings us back to Sakae Sushi’s newest addition to our menu:

Meet the Saba Yuzu Ochazuke, a taste of Kochi Prefecture. Yuzu is one of the most popular citrus fruits in Japan, known for its characteristically incredibly refreshing aroma and strong acidity. Since the 1960’s, Kochi Prefecture has focused its energy to the cultivation of yuzu. Nowadays, the mountains and slopes of Kochi Prefecture are ripe with flourishing yuzu orchards.You can enjoy the dish by simply pouring the Yuzu Tea over the Saba and Rice, and it’s also best paired with a nice refreshing glass of Iced Yuzu Oba!

With just a bite of the Saba Yuzu Ochazuke and a sip of the Iced Yuzu Oba, you too can feel transported to the beautiful, rural, southern Kochi Prefecture. Order a serving and let yourself feel like you have traveled to the yuzu orchards in the rolling hills of the Kochi Prefecture. This new addition to the menu is available at all Sakae Sushi outlets, except Tai Seng.