3 New Tasty Menu in Hei Sushi to Celebrate Mother’s Day

A mother’s love

Mothers are incredibly important figures in everyone’s lives- beautiful and resilient women who are worthy of love, respect, and honor. Mother’s Day is an incredibly important day in which we express our gratitude to these women- and in Japan, Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday of May. The day is celebrated with blossoming carnations, celebrating the quiet strength that mothers possess.

Even though the modern celebration of Mother’s Day in Japan first began in 1913, the history of Mother’s Day can be recounted all the way back in the Showa period, served to celebrate the birthday of the Empress Kojun (the mother of Emperor Akihito).

And with the Japanese Mother’s Day coming closer, we at Hei Sushi would like to invite you to celebrate this special day with us, as we present an all new, all exclusive Mother Days’ menu!

We would like to introduce the healthy and all-inclusive The Salmon Teriyaki Set ( $ 20.99), The Unagi Set ($24.99), and The Salmon Tobimayo Set ($22.99) along with a FREE cup of warm, calming genmaicha that comes with any one of the Mother’s Day menu items, come celebrate Mother’s Day with us- with a hearty meal, whether alone or with a beloved maternal figure!

No need to worry either- we at Hei Sushi pride ourselves in being the very first halal-certified Japanese sushi belt restaurant in Singapore! Not only are we halal-ceritified, we’re also accredited by MUIS. Our food is guaranteed to be inclusive and healthy while still being tasty and incredibly high quality, so that anyone can enjoy a delicious, wholesome Japanese meal with people they love.

Don’t wait any longer, plan a meal with us and celebrate Mother’s Day in a special and absolutely delectable and mouth watering way- with Hei Sushi and with our new Mother’s Day menu!

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